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Social Networking Integration

Posted by: Steven Annison

Pebble UK have commissioned the SLA Associates Social networking module enhancement for their eCommerce site helping customers quickly share their products and news articles on a variety of Social Networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo! and Google.

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Pebble UK site Extension

Posted by: Steven Annison

We are working again with Pebble UK to expand the site with customer product reviews and ratings to give feedback on their range of maternity tights, and compression tights, holdups and socks.

The new module will lauch second quarter of this year.

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Gissing Children Centre Project

Posted by: Steven Annison

We are helping Gissing Childrens Centre in Norfolk with a new website.

The team here has first hand experience of how the Childrens Centre provides an excellent service for the local area supporting several community groups including a childrens nursery and baby and toddler groups so we were delighted to help with getting their website up and running.

The new site will use the SLA Associates Website Management Modules to make it easy to keep the site up to date.


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Pebble UK enjoy a record year

Posted by: Steven Annison

The relaunch of Pebble UK eCommerce site using the SLA Associates Shop Manager system has been a great success and at the site anniversary sales were up month on month throughout the year. 

We worked closely with the team at Pebble to reduce unneccessary online expenditure and identify and launch new online sales streams which have paid for the new site already!  Further enhancements are planned for 2011 to continue to drive this success.

Get in touch to see how we can make a difference to your business.

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