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Millennium Pest Control website extended

Posted by: Steven Annison

Following the phenomenal success of the Millennium Pest Control Group websites over the last year we are going to be working closer with the management team to continue the focus on natural search engine positioning and website content delivery.  The extension of the Pest Control London site to include the SLA Asosciates News Management and Testimonial Management Modules will allow new content to be easily added and help the site continue to achieve record sales levels.

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The Catering Experience Website Launched

Posted by: Steven Annison

The new website for "the catering experience" has gone live focusing on their range of catering experiences for events and functions across Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

Using vibrant photography in contract with the clean white, black and silver site design has created a site we are really pleased with.

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Pebble UK Website Live

Posted by: Steven Annison

The new Pebble UK website has been launched, built around the SLA Associates Shop Manager 2.0 system. 

This extensive redesign has a fresh new look with a quicker shopping experience and much improved product layout.  The website code is particularly search engine friendly and features AJAX components to update shopping carts and product option combinations without unnecessary page reloads.

There are still some additional components to implement, automating google base uploads and improving the existing customer marketing system and these will be launched in the next month.

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