Website Applications

Our website applications include pre designed components which bring additional functionality to your website and stand alone protected website systems.

Each module can be customised to integrate seamlessly into your existing website or can be part of a new project and every application can have different access levels and priviliges with Administrator, Editor and Viewer login.

Menu Manager

Allowing fixed price menus and individually priced dishes to be quickly added to the website.

The Menu Manager allows for menus and dishes to be switched on and off so speciality menus can be displayed at the relevant time and dishes rotated in a matter of seconds.

Membership Manager

Secure pages can be protected via the Membership Manager and login system. Logins can be tracked online and members can maintain their own records.

Results Manager

Fixtures and Match results can be added, viewed and analysed in a variety of formats.

League Manager

The Table Tennis League Manager offers all the functionality of the results manager combined with club, team and player administration. Committee Members, Venue information, Events and Sponsors can also be maintained directly, effectively managing all aspects of the League.

The system can be configured to work with 2,3 or 4 man teams and a range of different scoring systems - straight out of the box.


Providing a status report for customers on all current projects, WorkFLOW provides instant secure access to all project documentation and images. The eContact add-on further increases functionality providing automated customer status reports and marketing functionality.

Project renewal dates and invoicing can be displayed and online payments taken.

Events Manager

Upcoming events can be profiled and bookings taken online.

Commission Manager

Originally designed for the entertainment industry to manage the manufacture and distribution of CD's this module can run any commission based payment system.

Business Manager

Record Product, Supplier and Customer details and track Sales, Manufacturing and Invoicing information via the web based interface. Email reminders and todo lists are automatically created and status reports compiled into Excel and Word format.